Originally seen as a foundation and a floor, concrete is making its way into every aspect of the modern lifestyle and home.  From the inside fire-pit to the bathroom vanity, the kitchen countertops to home lamps, concrete can be made to work in many different arenas.  Pre-cast concrete can be created in wide variety of shapes and sizes, with the end users desires being created from scratch.  If you can think it, Hapax can make it a reality when it comes to pre-cast furniture and in-home decor.


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The Concept

Pre-cast is taking new grounds in the concrete and home decor worlds with new uses, designs and finishes being imagined and created on a daily basis. It can has the ability to be more durable and easier to maintain than other options and can be made to fit your exact need, every time. With the cost of other materials continuing to increase, concrete pre-cast furniture and home decor can be a lesser expensive option, while still delivering an effect that can only be true to concrete!

The Plan

Unique is the key to concrete. There will never be two vanities, two light fixtures, two mermaids (for those of you in Norfolk, VA) that are the same. Like a finger print, each pieces is one of a kind and can only be produced once in its exact format. Many times, Hapax has the request for a specific item seen elsewhere and though we know we will nail the design every time, the unique nature of concrete will make each piece created, custom to each person that it is delivered to!

The Execution

Whether you are a constructing a brand new house or just looking to add new furniture and fixtures to your home, many local professional solutions are at hand. Just pick up the phone to get a more accurate quote.