The Artistry and Craft
of Concrete Matter

No two final concrete products are ever the same, that is a guarantee that Hapax can deliver to each and every client they work with. With such variation in concrete types, color effects and final shape, one can take pride in the piece that are brought into your every day life and realize how unique each is to you. But with this comes a specific process to make sure that each piece and floor is created right. This is where the Hapax Design Lab comes into play!

The Hapax Design Lab as created for the sole purpose of making sure that each product gets the attention it requires. Each step is key to the overall process and start with the commissioning of a new project. It gives Hapax the ability to start creating, concepting and discovering how the final product will be created. Throughout the manufacturing process, Hapax will continue be keen on the details, making sure that the end result is better than expected. There is never a moment in the design process that the Hapax team is not paying close attention to the overall concept and function of the project and making sure that what is delivered is of the highest quality!

Creating the Perfect Setting

A little mood lighting is one thing but when it comes from a single slab of concrete, it makes an statement in any room. Pre-cast furniture, created in the Hapax Design Lab, can say more about your style than anything else in your home.

It's all about the Seal

When it comes to making a lasting impression, decorative concrete floors can make mark that will last forever. Hapax has mastered the art of stained concrete and can make sure that your mark never fades.

The Devil's in the Details

The Hapax Signature Conference Table took it’s shape in the Design Lab. From its initial concept to the final product, every detail was planned out and executed without a flaw to make sure that the table produced was truly unique and beautiful.

From the Ground Up

Every space is first and foremost defined by its foundation. No matter how the rest of the space is laid out or executed, it is the floor that can make the biggest impression. With Polished and Stained Concrete floors, no will go unnoticed.

Commissioning + Concepting

No matter how big or small a project might be or seem, the Hapax design team does not treat them any differently. Each and every projects goes through a strict discovery and concept development phase so that every aspect that the client is looking for is incorporated into the final product.


Every piece of furniture, pre-clad concrete production and free-form and pouring works are all manufactured by the Hapax Team from scratch. With careful planning and meticulas execution, Zach and his team is able to create beautiful and functional pieces that are truly unique.

Finishing + Unvealing

As the name states, each piece, once finishes is always one of a kind. There are not 2 final products alike and it is the pride of Hapax to make sure that everything that is produced is the best quality possible. Nothing leave the Hapax Design Lab without a strict approval process to make sure that the standard of quality that Hapax has come to be known for is maintained and exceeded.